IXACT Contact: a comprehensive real estate contact data base system to help real estate agents build and maintain lasting relationships with current clients, new prospects and referrals. The system makes it easy to keep in touch with clients with a powerful email marketing program and monthly e-newsletter. You will learn to set up your contacts, keep track of all their information, and manage the transaction, keeping you organized and in control.


Trendgraphix: a tool which allows you to retrieve all market statistics in any target market area in Palm Beach County. You will learn how to download or email reports showing listing prices versus sales prices, percentage of homes sold, days on the market, absorption rates and much more information on all communities.


App Files: You will learn how to fill in all listing and sales contracts and lease packages, and email them to your customers for signatures. It is a paperless file program which all IPRE offices use in processing all transactions. It is virtually your “office in the cloud”. All IPRE agents must know how to use APP FILES.


Marketing 101:

   1), Truila, Zip Realty: Learn how the products are enhanced, where the leads go, and how to maximize your 
       listings exposure.

   2) List Hub: Learn how syndication works.

   3) Realbiz 360: Learn how to create virtual tours.

   4) Quantum Digital: Create your own custom post cards, brochures, and flyers. Then you can direct mail to your clients.

   5) Leading Real Estate: Our Company affiliate. Local and Global


Rentals Class: You will learn about the proper procedures and paperwork necessary for working with tenants and landlords. All agents are required to attend this class before writing a lease or a rental listing agreement.


Mortgage Basics: A local loan officer teaches this class and shows you how to pre-qualify a buyer and the importance of using an affiliated IPRE lender. You will learn the basics of FHA and VA loans and the differences between those loans and a conventional loan.  You will also find out how much money a seller can contribute to a buyer’s closing costs, as well as what can be “gifted” as a down payment. This class is mandatory for all NEW agents.


Lead Generation:  Learn about the eLeads program and the criteria involved. Also learn tips on how to generate your own leads and set up your profile.


Flex MLS: Training of the system at your local board.


Contracts: In order to make a sale, you need to know how to explain the legal aspects of what each paragraph in a contract means. In this class, the instructor goes over the differences between an “as is” contract and a regular residential contract for sale. You will learn the various addendums available and what each means to the buyer and seller. Before you write your first contract, you will need to attend this class.


Short Sales: Learn the differences between a short sale and a bank owned property (known as an REO).  These special circumstances require special addendums and contracts which we will introduce to you and teach you how to fill out for these special properties.


Contracts to Close: Learn how the entire closing process works and what happens at the closing table. You will meet with one of our affiliated title company “closers” and go over the HUD-1 closing statement. This class is mandatory for all new agents.